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BW Boerderye



BWB Boerdery. Willie Boonzaaier, Managing Director. Robert Pittroff, Technical Director

BWB Boerdery is based on the farm Meinheim, in the shadow of the Magaliesburg, near Kroondal in the Northwest Province.

Willie had established BWB Boerdery with a herd of PinZ²yl  animals on Meinheim. Robert who had previously owned the Pittroff Pinzgauer Stud had joined BWB Boerdery in 2016. Together Willie and Robert expanded the business by increasing their herd of PinZ²yl animals by procuring 22 heifers from another breeder in the northern cape.

Both Willie and Robert are attracted to the medium frame sized PinZ²yl animals. PinZ²yl animals exhibit the motherliness characteristics of the European Pinzgauer breed and the hardiness of the indigenous Nguni animals; the combination of which results in very good-natured animals. The patterned colouration of the animal’s hide makes them very attractive.

The vision of BWB Boerdery is to be very dynamic in our farming techniques; because we have limited land available for the number of animals, our farming is very intensely managed, we have to bring feed in from surrounding areas. We have our cows and bulls on a very strict diet consisting of supplements and milled fibrous feed. Similar to our business case, BWB Boerdery decided to farm with the PinZ²yl animals; the breed of animals is dynamic; the good nature and hardiness of the animals make them very attractive and suitable to fit into our business model. We believe in producing good bulls and hope to be able to supply the local market with top quality breeding bulls and animals.

Due to the limited farmland available to BWB Boerdery, we had a number of soil and grass samples taken for analysis; the results from the analysis were used as a guideline for improving the land and hence the carrying capacity of the land. At BWB Boerdery we practice Artificial Insemination and carefully plan our calving seasons by ensuring that all our cows and heifers are impregnated during a controlled time frame. We are also able to match our bulls and heifer characteristics to ensure our calves have the desired characteristics. All animals are registered and DNA data is registered with ARC.

Robert Pittroff

(+27) 082 875 6016

Willie Boonzaaier

(+26) 0481 443 7836 or (+27) 082 442 7388

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